Illusions by Ivan Viripaev directed by Carlos Chahine will be performed on the 10th of November during the festival Zoukak Sidewalks, Beirut.

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Illusions will be performed on the 4th of December at Madina theatre in the first National Lebanese Theatre Festival.


Illusions will be presented at Monot theatre from the 16th till the 30th of January.


Screenings The Gambler’s Son:

23-24 October 2018, Montpellier, France, Official selection Short Film Panorama, Mediterranean Film Festival, Cinemed.

4-9 December 2018, Sant’Attico, Sardaigna, Italy, Official selection Passagi d’Autore, Méditerranean Short Film Festival.

9 December 2018, broadcast on F2 (french TV) in Histoires Courtes, Parents/children.


Born in Lebanon, Carlos Chahine left for France in 1975 because of the war. After obtaining a dental surgery diploma, Carlos enlisted in the ENSAD, (acting session), of the TNS, the National Theater of Strasbourg.

He has worked under the direction of prestigious directors such as Matthias Langhoff, Sylviu Purcarete, Alain Françon, Michel Vinaver, René Loyon, Philippe Adrien, Stuart Seide, Philippe Van Kessel, and many others. He came back to Lebanon after an encounter with the director Ghassan Salhab, acting in three of his movies.

In 2008 he wrote, directed and acted in The North Road, his first short film that won several international awards. Since then Carlos often returns to his homeland where he directed several plays in Beirut, God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza, The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov, and Dinner with friends by Donald Margulies. He also shot a documentary/essay, Chekhov in Beirut, and a short film, The Gambler’s Son, that will be screened on F2 (french TV) in autumn 2018. He is actually working on his next play, Illusions by Viripaev, translated in Lebanese, that will performed in October 2018.

Goats (London)

ACTOR (Theatre)

(Main shows France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, England, Lebanon)

Hamish Pirie Goats, Liwaa Yazji
Carlos Chahine The Cherry Orchard, Chekhov
Philippe Awat La Tempête, Shakespeare
Walid Raad Scratching on Things I Could Disavow, Walid Raad
Anouch Paré Le Suicidé, Nicolai Erdman
Michel Vinaver À La Renverse, Michel Vinaver
Iphigénie Hôtel, Michel Vinaver
Christian Rist Phèdre, Racine
Matthias Langhoff L’inspecteur Général, Gogol
Denis Lanoy Le Misanthrope, Molière
Sylviu Purcarete Les Trois Soeurs, Tchékhov
Alain Françon La Dame de Chez Maxim, Feydeau
La Remise, Planchon
Jean Louis Jacopin Le Procès de Charlotte Corday, Authier
La Misère du Monde, Bourdieu
René Loyon Chronique des Jours Souverains, Manceron/Segalen
Cent Millions Qui Tombent, Feydeau
Viviane Théophilidès Joe Bousquet, Rue de Verdun, Théophilidès
Aristide Demonico Le Golem, Théâtre Yiddish
Stuart Seide The Changelling, Middleton et Rowley
Philippe Van Kessel À La Conquête du Pôle Sud, Karge
Jean Marie Villégier Le Fidelle, Larivey
Charlie Brozzoni Don Quichotte, Cervantés
Collectif de Parme OEdipe à Colone, Sophocle
 The Cherry Orchard (Beirut)

ACTOR (Cinema)

Ziad Doueiri The Insult
Watch trailer
Ghassan Salhab The Valley
Watch trailer
  The Last Man
(Best actor Singapore Int. Film Fest.)
Watch trailer
  Terra Incognita
Watch trailer
Olivier Assayas Carlos
Watch Extract
Raoul Ruiz Le Vertige de La Feuille Blanche
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Marjane Satrapi Persepolis

DIRECTOR (Theatre)

Illusions / Ivan Viripaev

2018 – Zoukak Theatre / Monot Theater Beirut


Dinner With Friends / Donald Margulies

2017 – Monot Theater Beirut


The Cherry Orchard / Tchekhov

2015 – Madina Theater Beirut


God Of Carnage / Yasmina Reza

2014 – Monot Theater Beirut

The Cherry Orchard


The Gambler’s Son
(short film)


Chekhov in Beirut
Watch Extract

The North Road
(short film)
Watch Extract


for The North Road

Best Film, Dubai Film Festival. 2008

Best Film, Tribeca Film Festival, New York. 2009

Best Film, Open Film Festival, St Petersbourg. 2009

Best Film, International Arab film Festival, AMAL, Spain. 2009

Best Film, Saint Paul Les Trois Châteaux. 2009

Cinécinécourt Award, Montpellier Film Festival. 2008

Spécial mention for young audience award, Dignes Les Bains. 2009

Nominated for Jean Vigo award, nominated for Prix de la Critique, selected Lutins 2010.


for The Last Man

Best Actor, Singapore International Film Festival, 2006



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